May 31

Who We Are

Southeast Area Cooperative is located at
1109 West Cedar
Beresford, SD 57004
Phone: 763-5096
Fax: 763-2206

Southeast Area Cooperative is a legal entity cooperative educational service unit, under SDCL 13-5-31.The Cooperative is an extension of all member school districts and is a legal entity separate from memberschool districts. Member school districts include:

  • Alcester-Hudson 61-1
  • Beresford 61-2
  • Canton 41-1
  • Elk Point-Jefferson 61-7
  • Gayville-Volin 63-1
  • Irene-Wakonda 13-3
  • Viborg-Hurley 60-6.


The Cooperative exists for the purposes of providing appropriate educational services for all students and to offer, on a cooperative basis, educational services that school districts would not be able to provide as effectively, or as economically acting alone. Students in the member school districts are eligible for services. Services for the most part, are provided on-site by professional staff.