11-21-17 minutes





A meeting of the Board of Directors of Southeast Area Cooperative was held on November 21, 2017 at the office of Southeast Area Cooperative, Beresford, South Dakota.  The members of the Board of Directors present were:  Clif Carnes, Beresford School District; Christal Dietzenbach (via phone), Canton School District; Nancy Adema, Elk Point-Jefferson School District; and Faydra Christensen, Viborg-Hurley School District.  Also present were Ann Boden, Business Manager elect, Cheryl Johnson, Business Manager, and Tricia West, Director, Southeast Area Cooperative; and Dwight Berglin, CPA, Quam Berglin and Post.


President Clif Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:50 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


A motion was made by Nancy Adema and seconded by Faydra Christensen to adopt the agenda, with the addition of introductions following agenda item #3.  All present voted yes. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Christal Dietzenbach and seconded by Nancy Adema to approve the contract for Ann Boden, Business Manager.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.


Ann Boden joined the meeting and introductions were made.


Dwight Berglin, CPA, Quam, Berglin, and Post was present to review the 2016-2017 audit report.  A motion was made by Nancy Adema and seconded by Faydra Christensen to approve the audit.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.


A motion was made by Nancy Adema and seconded by Faydra Christensen to request Quam, Berglin, and Post perform the 2017-2018 audit.  All present voted yes. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Faydra Christensen and seconded by Nancy Adema to approve the August 15, 2017 minutes and September 26, 2017 special meeting minutes.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.


It was determined there were no existing conflicts of interest.


The financial report as prepared by the Business Manager was presented with the three month period being reviewed.  The following action in the General Fund was shown:  Beginning Balance:  $273.712.48; Receipts from Local Sources: $364,746.39; Receipts from Federal Sources: $456,490.20; Disbursements by Payroll: $278,203.97; Disbursements by Accounts Payable: $112,623.58; and a Closing Balance of $339,375.13.  A motion was made by Faydra Christensen and seconded by Nancy Adema to approve the financial report.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.


A listing of bills for September, October, and November 2017 was presented.  A motion was made by Nancy Adema and seconded by Christal Dietzenbach to approve the payment of bills.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.  A listing of paid vouchers follows:


Vendor                                               Reason                                               Amount

A&B Business                                    Copier Maintenance                       $155.59

Nancy Adema                                   Special Meeting Pay                        $  30.00

Jean Akland                                       Mileage                                           $362.88

Amazon.com                                    Perkins/Office supplies                   $2,423.43

AOTA                                                  Zanter-Dues                                   $225.00

Area II Superintendents   West-Dues                                                       $175.00

BMTC                                                 Phone/Internet                                $619.02

BOE for SLP                                       West-Licensure                                $150.00

Bridges at Beresford                       Inservice                                            $325.56

Brown&Saenger               Supplies                                                         $148.39

CAERT Inc                                          Perkins                                         $3,598.00

Angela Carlson                                 Supplies                                         $29.95

Joshua Carlson                                 Special Meeting Pay/Mileage       $  40.08

Stacie Carlson                                  Licensure/mileage                           $191.16

Clif Carnes                                         Special Meeting Pay                        $  30.00

Carpet Central                                  Carpet Snap Ons                              $  69.22

Change Healthcare                         Medicaid Eligibility                          $266.85

Faydra Christensen                          Special Meeting Pay                        $  30.00

City of Beresford                             Utilities                                               $576.90

Dakota Academic Consulting        SILDL Erate Services                        $8,250.00

Ewell Education Services Perkins                                                                $295.00

Amanda Fey                                      NASP Dues                                        $216.00

Fiesta                                                 Supplies                                            $114.76

Forest T Jones                                  Mettler-Liab Ins                              $  99.00

Garretson School District               Refund Check                                   $125.00

Goodwill of the Great Plains         Shred Fee                                          $  52.00

Gopher                                               Supplies                                         $151.98

Green Eggs and Ram                       Laptop                                               $344.99

Lela Hall                                             Mileage/membership                     $152.70

Hawarden Regional Healthcare   PT Substitute/mileage                    $6,328.78

Maureen Hedeen                             Licensure/mileage                           $373.02

Amanda Hilgemann                         Licensure/mileage                           $168.31

Houghton Mifflin                             Testing forms                                   $472.78

Irene-Wakonda School                  Perkins                                               $395.00

Jensen Insurance                             Insurance                                          $239.00

Jerry’s Chevrolet                              Vehicle Maintenance                      $709.39

Douglas C. Johnson                         Office Maintenance                        $  80.00

Tiffany Johnson                Mileage/supplies                                             $  26.11

Jones & Bartlett Learning              Perkins                                               $1,500.00

Lakeshore                                         Preschool Supplies                          $205.84

McLeods                                            Name badges                                   $199.08

Jill Metheny                                      Perkins                                               $254.70

Muller Auto Parts                            License plate bracket                          $   7.15

NCS Pearson                                     Testing forms and tests                   $1,391.41

Joan Nelson                                      Mileage                                            $  55.44

Alisha Nettestad                              Mileage/Licensure                             $378.90

Katie Nielson                                    Mileage                                           $220.08

Olson’s Ace Hardware                    Supplies                                          $  64.63

Oriental Trading Co                         Supplies                                         $  47.98

Lorna Peterson                                Mileage                                             $  15.12

Pete’s Produce                                 Ballasts                                              $  71.97

Sharon Petrik                                    ASHA Dues/Licensure                     $375.00

Petty Cash                                         Reimburse                                         $  76.79

Alyssa Pfeiffle                                   Mileage                                         $229.32

Precision Lawncare                         Mowing                                             $410.00

Printing Plus                                      Signature stamp                $  35.00

Realityworks                                     Perkins                                               $1,735.40

Say It Right                                        Supplies                              $  70.46

SDASP                                                 Fey/Metter-Conf Reg&Dues         $395.00

Jason Selchert                                  SILDL Coordinator                           $4,375.00

Sioux Empire Automotive              2016/2016 Nissan Sentra               $25,136.00

Brian Spurrell                                    Special Meeting Pay/Mileage       $  48.48

Staples                                               Supplies                              $153.34

Star Publishing                                  Legals                                                 $330.11

State Bank of Alcester                    Credit card payment                       $1,039.05

Subway                                              Kindergarten Academy                   $   6.85

Super Duper                                      Supplies                              $275.10

Swier Law Firm                                 Legal Fee/Law Deskbook               $422.24

Abby Trudeau                                   Mileage/licensure                           $211.41

Trust and Agency                             Reimburse                                         $739.96

US Bank Voyager Systems             Gas for vehicles                $2,678.78

Tali Vanderstouwe                          Supplies                              $  14.50

Jessica Vannorsdel                          Mileage                              $221.76

Verizon                                              Phone                                                 $1,110.96

Patricia West                                    Mileage/supplies                             $160.70


A motion was made by Nancy Adema and seconded by Christal Dietzenbach to adopt $315,000.00 as an incidental account as provided under SDCL 13-18-17 for payment of bills/salaries in December 2017 and January 2018.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.



A motion was made by Nancy Adema and seconded by Christal Dietzenbach to appoint Clif Carnes, Brian Spurrell, and Faydra Christensen from the Board of Directors and Brian Field from the Advisory Board to the 2018-2019 negotiations team.  Tricia West and Ann Boden will serve in an ad hoc role.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.


There was no activity with the Distance Learning (SILDL) governing board during the last quarter.


A motion was made by Faydra Christensen and seconded by Christal Dietzenbach to approve the changes to the personal leave policy, as presented.  These changes will clean up the differences between the policy and negotiated agreements.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.


A motion was made by Faydra Christensen and seconded by Nancy Adema to ratify the actions of the Advisory Board at the September 2017 and October 2017 meetings, as follows:


  • Approve contract for Joshua Carlson, physical therapist
  • Amend contract for Amy Knippling, physical therapist

All present voted yes. Motion carried.


Tricia West presented the Leadership Team report which included:

  • Informational items regarding SPED procedures/policies
  • Cooperative story
  • Birth to Three
  • Service Report


A motion was made by Faydra Christensen and seconded by Christal Dietzenbach to adjourn the meeting.  All present voted yes.  Motion carried.



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Clif Carnes, President                                                                  Cheryl R. Johnson, Business Manager