How the Cooperative is Governed & Administered:

The Governing Board is representative of each member school district, thereby assuring local control and democratic principles in the operation of public school functions. A Director serves as the executive officer of the Cooperative. The Advisory Board, consisting of superintendents from each member school district, meets monthly. The Board of Directors, consisting of representatives from each member school district’s board of education, meet quarterly.

Member School District Advisory Board Member Board of Directors Rep
Alcester-Hudson School District 61-1 Tim Rhead, Superintendent Jessica Paulson
Beresford School District 61-2 Dustin Degen, Superintendent Dan Erickson
Canton School District 41-1 Russell Townsend, Superintendent Robin Kappenman
Elk Point-Jefferson School District 61-7 Philip Schonebaum, Superintendent Sabrina Sayler
Irene-Wakonda School District 13-3 Dave Hutchison, Superintendent Brian Spurrell
Viborg-Hurley School District 60-6 Brett Mellem, Superintendent Faydra Christensen**

** Indicates the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

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