Speech Language Services


Speech and Language services are provided by certified/licenses speech/language pathologists and/or speech language pathology assistants.  The services of the speech/language pathologist have a direct influence on students ability to communicate and learn.   A complete individual speech and language screening and evaluation is conducted in the school district.  From that screening, students can be found to be eligible for services in one or more of the following areas:  language, articulation, fluency, and/or voice.  Services also include hearing screening and consultation for other more significant communication needs, such as augmentative communication.

The speech and language staff of the cooperative and the schools they serve are as follows:

Jeri Keenan-Cattnach: Alcester-Hudson & Canton School Districts

Abby Trudeau: Alcester-Hudson & Beresford School Districts

Candace Zweifel: Beresford School District

Marissa Philips: Canton School District

Kim Olson: Elk Point-Jefferson School District

Kylie Dickerson:  Elk Point-Jefferson & Irene-Wakonda School Districts

Amanda Edlund: Irene-Wakonda School District

Jessica Vannorsdel: Viborg-Hurley School District