Preschool Services

Preschool Services to Children with Disabilities are available on a schedule basis to member school districts. Some programs are provided in collaboration with Headstart. An annual screening of all preschool children is conducted by the Cooperative on-site in each school district. The screening process is directed by the preschool instructors and attempts to identify children in need of special assistance. From these screenings and individual referrals, the preschool teacher delivers services to the school district. Instruction is provided in the areas of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, self-help skills, pre-speech and language skills, general knowledge and comprehension, readiness, basic reading skills, manuscript writing, math and social skills. Where appropriate such services as physical therapy and occupational therapy are provided in conjunction with these instructional services.

The Preschool Staff and the sites they serve are as follows:

Debra Braaten/ Early Childhood Special Education Assistant: Alcester-Hudson
Kaylee Fitzgerald/Early Childhood Special Education Assistant: Beresford, Elk Point-Jefferson

Christal Anderson/Early Childhood Special Education Assistant: Irene-Wakonda
Angie Carlson/Early Childhood Special Education Instructor: Beresford, Viborg-Hurley
Melissa Baker/Early Childhood Special Education Assistant: Canton
Kristina Hansen/Early Childhood Special Education Teacher: Elk Point-Jefferson, Irene-Wakonda
Jordan Flinn/Early Childhood Special Education Teacher: Canton